Suerly is Final-16 in Gobi Superseed II Championship.


Suerly is one of the top eight finalists in this championship. Even though we did not proceed to the next round, lessons learned, exposure, and network gained from the event is already a big win for my team and I.

Update 19/10/20

We are delighted to share with you that Suerly has been selected as one of the top 16 finalist under the FinTech bracket for Gobi Superseed Championship II. Winner of the competition is eligible for:

  • Up to RM15,000,000 is seed funding.
  • A potential grant from MDEC.
  • Opportunity to enter entrepreneurship programme by Alibaba Business School.
  • Wild card entry to Sunway Group’s iLab Accelerator Programme.

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What is Gobi Superseed Championship II:

The Gobi Superseed Championship II is an online pitching competition curated by Gobi Partners and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). It provides an opportunity to early-stage start-ups like Suerly to boost their businesses and realize their potential in the Malaysian market.

Start-ups in the following key verticals will be considered for the competition:

  • Retail & Enterprise (including AI, B2B, B2C, Big Data, E-commerce, and Logistics)
  • FinTech (including Crowdfunding, InsureTech, Mobile Payments, P2P Lending, and Robo-advisors)
  • Smart Cities & Circular Economy (including Construction Solutions, e-hailing, Environment Solutions, IoT, Mobility Solutions, Public Transport Solutions)
  • TaqwaTech (companies providing products and services to Muslim consumers)

How does the Championship Runs?

From all the participating start-ups, the panel judges select 16 potential start-ups for each of the key vertical (Retail & Enterprise, FinTech, Smart Cities & Circular Economy and TaqwaTech).

Then in each vertical, the panel judges pair 2 start-ups for public voting. The winner will go into the final round of 8 in each vertical.

The final 8 start-ups in each vertical will update a 3 minutes video about their company. Panel judges will vote start-up with the best idea to continue to the final 4 in each vertical.

The final 4 start-ups in each vertical will be reviewed and scored by the Championship Committee. Final 2 start-ups from each vertical will go to the final stage.

8 start-ups across all verticals will present a full pitch to the panel judges. Start-up with the highest points will be crowned as Winner of the Championship.

You can download the championship bracket here.

Suerly Needs Your Vote

For us to qualify to the next round (round of 8 under the FinTech bracket), we will need to score higher than our contender, Senang. The scoring criteria are based on 70% of public votes and 30% of panel judges votes.



Gobi Superseed Championship 2 FinTech Bracket

Please help Suerly to qualify to the next round by voting for us. To vote for Suerly, follow these simple steps:

  1. visit:
  2. Locate the Fintech bracket.
  3. Under the Fintech bracket, locate Suerly and tap on it.
  4. Register with a valid email address and your mobile numbers (both need to be valid)
  5. You will receive 2 pins, one in your mobile and one in email (if you don’t see it in your inbox, please check your junk mailbox)
  6. Key in both the mobile and email pins
  7. Locate Suerly again and click “Vote”
  8. Finally, viral this newsto all your friends and family

Voting is now open until 14th August 2020. See you again in the next round of-8!


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