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How Banks Squeeze You – The Rule of 78

Before considering to fully settle your personal loan or hire purchase, learn about The Rule of 78.
The Rule of 78 is an interest-principal computation method which make it costly to those who plan to pay off their balance ahead of schedule.

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Beginner’s Guide to the 2021 Loan Moratorium

Not sure if you should opt-in for the 2021 loan moratorium? This post will tell you about the things you need to know. If you just need to know one thing, know this; loan moratorium is not free cash. Yes, it will definitely elevate your short term cashflow constrain, but it also adds to your long term borrowing costs.

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Loans in Malaysia: What You Need To Know

You will likely be spending years to pay off a loan and there are many different types of loans that serve different purposes such as a mortgages for a property, auto loans for a vehicles and student loans for your educations. Learn how to decide the right one for you.

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Understanding Suerly Part 2: Why Suerly?

Paying off a loan can be a life long process and when people apply for one, they would apply from multiple lenders hoping to land the best deal.
But applying for loan is manual and time consuming, and with limited window they have to solve their financial needs, loan applicants don’t have the time to make an exhaustive search.

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