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We want to weave new digital experience into all aspects of getting loans for you. By getting rid of the manual process you hate and putting emphasis on your privacy, we can loan application simple, fast and safe.

It's time to embrace the New Normal.

Digital Experience

that disrupts.

Our product philosophy is simple; to infuse new digital experience to make your journey in getting financial assistance simple and safe. By connecting you digitally to the banks, your journey to get loans will never be the same. We don’t need you to fill up forms, or make copies of a document, or physically meet-up loan officers. All these work can be done digitally and transmit to your connected banks with just your mobile.

What’s better, you don’t need to spend precious time researching for the best loan to apply. After all, it is still up to the bank to approve your loan. With Suerly, banks will come looking for you. You just have to decide which offer to take.

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Suerly guides you to along the way in your credit profile building process. Showcase the best version of yourself to attract more bank offers.

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Be in the know at every stage. View activities, send messages, accept invitation,  update profiles and many more under one interface.

Making privacy

Well, Private.

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Four in five people do not believe that their privacy is kept secure by loan marketing agencies.

Your privacy is important to you as to us. You don’t need to reveal your privacy to strangers if you don’t want to. Suerly streamlines data collection and transmits them directly to bank systems. Now you can rest assured that your information will only serve your intended purpose and nothing else!

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Tiang Sin Foo

Understanding Suerly Part 2: Why Suerly?

Paying off a loan can be a life long process and when people apply for one, they would apply from multiple lenders hoping to land the best deal.
But applying for loan is manual and time consuming, and with limited window they have to solve their financial needs, loan applicants don’t have the time to make an exhaustive search.

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